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PR-Dispatcher provides expertise in press release distribution, copywriting and translation

Press release distribution


English, German, Russian translation

From product creation to promotion

There is now a vast array of media outlets that can convey product news to consumers for free. It is now possible for software developers, web entrepreneurs and inventors to quickly reach a global audience with a range of innovative products and services. PR-Dispatcher is ideal for those wanting to transmit a marketing message detailing technology and products for IT and the internet. This service is ideal for those involved in this lucrative area, which can include:
  • Creation of an exciting software product
  • Launch of an innovative website service
  • Development of the latest IT project
  • Authoring of a new version of existing software
As most developers know, creating a product is only half the battle. Publicizing and promoting these achievements can be a long and difficult task. And the only way to profit from a product is if everybody knows about it!

Of course, it is possible to spread the word by simply placing an advertisement. However, with the internet nowadays being a gigantic labyrinth it can be very difficult to recognize the best media outlet to advertise with. In addition to this uncertainty, advertising is also very expensive!

The answer - free editorial space

There is an ideal solution to avoid problems of advertising - free editorial space! A press-release can be one of the most effective means to reach a target audience for a fraction of the cost of advertising. Thousands of editors, reporters, journalists and bloggers are searching daily for new ideas to fill their publications and websites. And now you can provide them with such interesting material about your product!

Press releases are sent directly to editors and reporters at websites, newspapers, magazines and trade publications. In addition, program directors at TV news and radio stations also receive press releases. Websites and blogs pick up press releases via RSS feeds. This service can effectively draw the attention of the popular mass media to a product, pushing it into the limelight and ultimately increasing profit.

However, it is vital to pay attention to another side of this press release issue. A poorly conceived and badly written press release will meander and confuse, and is likely to be overlooked by a skilled editor or reporter, not to mention a potential buyer. On the other hand, a skillfully composed and persuasive press release with a large number of keywords and references to a website has a beneficial influence on promotion in search engines. The distribution of press releases is a highly important component of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How to write and circulate an attractive press release

A press release is a document that has a standard form, size and content. Once received and accepted by an editor, a press release can turn into a review in the press which can significantly increase downloads and sales. However, if the news story does not grab the reader's attention, a product can easily be ignored in favor of a competing product, even if this product is clearly inferior!

PR-Dispatcher is here to assist you in writing effective product descriptions. We can help you to write commanding and punchy press releases that instantly grab a reader's attention. Just get in touch and we will assess your needs.

Effective press release distribution

We send press releases directly to editors and reporters at websites, newspapers, magazines and trade publications.

All of our press releases are posted to major search engines - Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. In addition, websites and blogs pick up these press releases from RSS feeds.

Freelance journalists, bloggers, syndicated columnists, wire services and many more media outlets also receive these press releases.

Product description writing

Product descriptions can make or break a project when they are published in the media. If a slogan or headline does not grab the reader's attention, a product can often be ignored in favor of a competing product, even if this product is clearly inferior!

If you need assistance in writing product descriptions, we will be glad to help. We can write commanding and punchy product descriptions that instantly grab attention. Please get in touch to learn more.

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